Saturday, September 9, 2006

Mos Def(inately) standing for what he believes in

Mos Def being arrested at the VMAs

I typically avoid the VMAs as I have little stomach for MTV as an entity. Too much bad blood over there. I blame it largely for what is wrong with America. But I am not here to rant about the network and its large scale brainwashing of adolescence into a whiny self involved group of cynics. (I mean, is it me or is Flavor of Love more an MTV show than a VH1 show? VH1 used to have standards at one time.)

I am here to talk about my man Mos Def and his ill treatment at the VMA's

For all the congratulatory back patting and hand jobs that were going on inside the radio City Music hall there was one person out there that really stepped out and stood for something.

At 10pm Mos def arrives outside the radio city music hall on a flat bed truck with a DJ and proceeds to sing his song "Katrina Klap" which is what the blogosphere is calling a scathing response to the Bush administration's slow response to the tragic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

While it isn't Mos' best song, it has a solid point to it, despite being rapped over the beat that originated from the obviously pointless "nolia clap." A crowd forms as Mos gets about one verse into his song when the show is abruptly shut down by the New York City police department. They state that his concert is causing a crowd to form. Mos is arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and him and several members of his entourage were carted off for a one night stay in jail. He is freed that morning.

There is some speculation over whether or not he had a permit for the show. Some sites say he did, some say he did not. His publicists says that he did not intend to break any laws and that he was attempting to encourage awareness of the plight of those still struggling one year later in New Orleans. Skeptics could call this a smart publicity stunt for Mos little discussed forthcoming album Tru3 Magic. I call it something to make me love the man all the more.

In an age where bling draped professed drug dealers promote themselves as for the people, can any truly deny Mos Def the right to say he stood for something real. Maybe he could have gone about it in a different way. Maybe he could have redoubled efforts to make sure that everything was up to snuff in an easily panicked post 9/11 New York. (When did everything become Post this or that?) But would it have had the weight that this event has in my heart and mind that instead of waiting around to do something he actually did it. And on a world stage no less. I have to respect him for that.

And yet very little was said about it. Instead most of the Post VMA publicity goes to discussing how well Jack Black hosted, and Christina's new look. How did you like that Beyonce performance? I don't know I missed it all, I just found out about this today.

Man that is why I avoid MTV like an infectious disease. Next to BET it is the network that always seems to find a way to turn my stomach.

I found all this out while looking for information on Mos Def's Album, Tru3 Magic, which will be dropping on September 19th.

Back to you in the studio Carol.

For more info: (re. the press release of the event that is repeated ad nausea everywhere else.)

VH1 covers it here.

Here is the YoTube Video of the event. (Notice the NYD's quick response to what is obviously a dangerous criminal attempting to incite disorderly conduct.)

Wondering who Mos Def even is?

I'll save you the trouble of going to Wikipedia for him by linking it here.

And his official Site can be found here.

"I give a damn if any fan recalls my legacy, I'm trying to live life in the sight of God's memory"

-Mos Def-

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Rap Cat

I saw this commercial and thought it was okay.
My brother left me the rap cat message on my phone and now I can't get the darn thing out of my head.

The Full Commercial

Just the Rap Cat

without the artery clogging food shots