Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Diggs


If you looked at my level of blog production circa 2004 you would think I was a completely different person. I ran like 6 blogs and was updating on at least a monthly to weekly basis on some of them. I was writing lengthy blogs about grad school and random things I enjoyed. I hated going to someone's blog and seeing that they had not updated in years. Nowadays I am that person, and it disgusts me a little. This blog is an attempt to change all that.

Rather than following my original hair brained Warren Ellis inspired plan of running multiple hubs for multiple types of internet entertainment I am instead using this Blog as the new and final hub for all things Hallboy/Hallspace/R.Hall related. Here I plan to review shows, movies, albums, whatever tickles my fancy at the moment. The target is to have bi-weekly content, which shouldn't be hard considering how much time I spend info-loading my brain with useless internet information. I can at least manage some link-fu.

Now I know that "Supreme Intelligence" is a little pretentious, and if you understand my tendency for histrionic melodrama you would understand. I wanted a name that spoke to something metaphysical as well as to my proclivity for more intellectual fare. To me the title "Supreme Intelligence" is a little Harvard and a little Wu-Tang all at the same time.

This is your introduction to the journey. I am starting up a new machine, feel the engine rumble and the exhaust chortle. The writer is sitting at the desk and picking up his pen like a baseball player stepping up to bat. I plan to knock you in the brain with new content every week or so.

I hope you enjoy.

Peace and Blessings!