Thursday, May 18, 2006

"Lost" could use some real "crazy"

I have tried to not be a fan of lost. I hate a show that builds its secrets so high that they are destine to topple under the weight with no possibility of a clean or absolute resolution. (See X-files)

Still it is damn entertaining television and each time I happen to catch an episode I am enthralled by what it has to say about character and moral ambiguity. I credit the show with being the catalyst for the fall of reality television. Lost is what survivor without the inane unscripted conflict. It is the real world with a director and a script supervisor. It is a show about a bunch of random strangers forced to live on an island and see what happens when people stop being polite and start being real.

By adding drama and true character development the show did something normal people and a bunch of crafty editors can not do, they got everyone who sits to watch the show enthralled by the mystery of it. I will swear till its eventual premature end that the show will go down as a social experiment. It reminds me of the news story I heard about psychologists who petitioned to join the cast of the first survivor on the island in order to learn about the human condition in such a harsh environment.

Watching the penultimate episode of this season's "Lost" I am more assured that the entire set up is some screwed up psychological experiment where the secret cabal of unethical scientists are taking notes on the lives of our beloved castaways.

The black lady with the crazy eyes and the twenty questions routine is obviously a doctor, probably a psychiatrist, you can tell by the cold demeanor. The biggest danger is making assumptions in television means you have to know all the rules, and it is obvious that we don't since sometimes there are monsters, other times hallucinations, and the like. You never know what to expect, which means you can never assume the rules at play in the universe.

Still Walt did say that they "test him," and threatened to throw him in "the room" when he blabbed about them pretending. The room is probably a Skinner box, or something to the effect.

My favorite moment in the show, Sawyer and Jack loading guns and Sawyer confiding about his last moments with Anna Lucia, revealing that he looks at Jack as his only friend.

Yeah, I'd expect that from a person with a severe personality disorder.

I also liked watching the lord of the rings dude throw all the heroin into the ocean. It is not so subtle how the island finds a way to confront each castaway with their individual demons to force them to make choices.

I liked watching Michael's desperate attempt to lure the four castaways into the thick of a jungle trap. I hated him the entire time. I am pretty sure the "others" would not have sanctioned him killing people to make it happen.

They seem to prefer subtle plotting to serve their ends.

I hate how guns make people killers in movies and television.

If Michael wanted his son Walt so bad why didn't he bite the witches nose off and spit it in the bearded guys face. That is what I thought to do. Never trust anyone who bargains with your freedom I say, just go psycho and remain cognizant enough to out crazy everyone in the area. Just do it to see if they will actually put you down like a dog, or will you surprise them enough to gain the upper hand.

But normal people don't think of things like that. Normal people don't read nearly as much crime fiction as I do and understand that a little concentrated crazy at the right time can really tip the scale. Fools gambit I know but crap there are no cops on the island, and playing it safe gets arbitrary innocents offed.

At least thats how I feel about this show, waiting for one of the castaways to think outside the box a little, sort of like Michael did in his swift and shocking murder of Anna Lucia and Libby. Imagine if instead of watching the bearded guy talk about lines in the sand Sawyer just went berserk and sprayed bullets in a wild circle. Tell me they would have saw that coming.

What do you have to lose, you are on a frickin island with these guys.

I am so waiting for next week's season finale.

I am in a bit of a morbid mood today. I am sick of hotel dial up and I need to see my woman. I am ready to go to home.

P.S. Random Spoiler
They killed the female ADA on Law & Order, and Mcoy pulled a bunch of theatrics. I had so much work to do but all these seasons are ending so gloriously that I would hate to miss them.

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