Thursday, April 1, 2010


Something tragic happened this week, David Mills, a guy I didn't know before yesterday, died of a brain aneyrism. Everything I have learned about this guy informs me that he was pretty awesome, and that the world is sorry to have lost this brilliant fellow. He was a writer who wrote for the Wire, NYPD Blue, helped fashion NBC's failed show Kingpin. His loss is sad, and senseless and reminds you how short our little lives are.

Rest in Peace you brilliant man. To learn more about David Mills you can find his blog here: The Undercover Black Man Blog. He speaks about the making of his new show Treme, and other pop culture things like music and television. He has a very good article on writing TV with themes and how that affects the subtext, character and depth of the viewing/writing experience.

The loss of David Mills reminded me of a little gem I had forgotten about. The Creators of The Wire aka the best show ever produced by American Television, have gotten together to produce a new drama called Treme. Where the Wire was about the futility of the individual versus the institution. Treme seems to be about how the individual survives in the the wake of disaster. It follows several musicians who live in New Orleans in the wake of hurricane Katrina.

Featuring Some alums from the Wire, including Wendell Pierce aka. the Bunk, and Clark Peters, aka Lester the F'n man Freeman, and The Corner alum Khandi Alexander. The cast looks stellar and with David Simon at the helm I know it is going to be an amazing piece of television.

I can't wait for it to hit televisions screens.

I found three trailers, posted them here. (Facebook users have to click through the link to the blog to check it out.

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